What you should know:

  • Noise limit 100 db!!!
  • Petrol station in the paddock.
  • It is one of the safest and best racetracks in Germany.
  • One of the specials here is the triple left after the Hasseröder corner. Most of the riders lost here some seconds. It’s a blind and really fast corner, and at the end it getting close and then it goes relatively slowly into the left.
  • It’s perfectly for visitors because they have a view almost over the complete track.
  • In the meantime you can reach the track from almost every direction on the highway. It’s a famous track where the IDM and DTM come to. Also the Superbike World Championship was here a few years ago. One of the typical racing events is the German Speedweek with endurance races.

Short & quick

  • Homepage: www.motorsportarena.com
  • length: 3667
  • width: 11-13
  • direction: right
  • curves: 14
  • right curves: 7
  • left curves: 7
  • petrol station: yes