Rookie School

You have never been on a racetrack? Each racetrack beginner feels a bit fearful, but don’t worry, our top instructors bring you up to the racetrack safe and slowly.

The rookie school is specifically prepared to show you the differences from driving on the road to driving on the racetrack. We prepare you with different exercises, these includes hanging off, braking, acceleration and so on.

Many participants have the target to drive on the racetrack, but they cannot imagine what to expect.
Therefore, the riders are guided in small groups in small steps to the racetrack. It’s important for us that the participants have fun and lose their fear of slanting position on our corner-trainer. Moreover, we hope that they come to the knowledge, that fast motorcycle riding is only save on the racetrack and not at the public road.
In the morning there is one instructor for each „Rookie-Group“. On a closed-off terrain inside the paddock, different exercises are performed.
With practice and theory we teach you the specifics of driving on the track and the feeling for your bike.
After lunch the instructor show the racetrack to the group. After every turn they have a debriefing, based on the video material, filmed during the turn.

Who want to, can additionally book the second day too.


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Preise & Berichte


250,00 € für einen Tag Rookie-Schule

Der Tag gliedert sich 1 Tag mit 5 Turn´s auf der Rennstrecke inkl. intensiver Betreuung durch unsere Instruktoren

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