Group Classification

On each racetrack we have a few differences in the track time of each participant. In average we have 6 turns per day in 4 different performance groups. So everyone has enough time on the track to improve his skills and come back with a big smile.

Nobody is perfect, we have participants witch are more experienced than others. Because of these differences, we ride in 4 performance groups.

Our training programs are suitable for everyone! For…


  • Beginners, who have only recently passed their driving license, have never been on the track, or which have not enough experience.
  • Advanced, who already have some experience, but have to learn a lot.
  • … Sportriders, who already know what’s going on, but still have problems with the perfect line.
  • … Racer, which are rather our Hobby-Racer, but want to get some tips from our instructors.

Group Classification

With your registration you classify yourself in a performance group. If you know lap times you have driven before, please enter these in your registration.

The final classification will done by us!

But no panic: Each participants has a transponder on his bike, so all participants will be divided new in the first lunch break(after 3 turns). Faster driver come into a faster group, slower driver to a slower group. This is particular for the safety.

New stickers and new classification!

After the first turns (usually 3 Turns) all participants must put a new sticker on their bike, this sticker is important for the new classification. Quickly and efficiently: the new stickers are in our “start number boxes”! Just remember your start number to get the stickers out of the box and put the sticker in front of your bike.