VIP-Private Coaching



Are you ready for the ultimate racetrack experience…?


Who doesn´t know the problems…

…”I feel unsafe, cramped and I am afraid to crash.”

… “I can´t go faster and I don´t know what to change!

…”I want to become safer and faster!”

…”I want a private coach who knows what to do.”


If you know in these problems, you will be here at the right place.

We don´t want, that you will be a professional racer. We want to give you a good feeling for your bike, so that you can have a lot of fun. Our professional instructors from the WM and the German Championship want to share their experiences with you. Also they want to show you, that you can become faster and safer with less risk.

For who is the private-coaching?

  • For hobby racer. It doesn´t matter if your are a rookie or advanced
  • For each age group, young or old.
  • For all participants who remain on their lap times and get stuck.
  • For participants, who want to go safe faster.
  • For participants, who want an intensive pivate coaching.


How does the private coaching looks like?

There is one instructor for one participant in a separate pit box. The exact analysis with the instructor takes place in a separate box. Many video cameras, TV sets and track maps are available. The video cameras are attached on our instructor bike and film you for each turn. We also mount a camera on your bike, to see your mistakes better. Theory seminars and a personal track tour with the instructor may not be missing.

What is the price for the private coaching?

For this special individual coaching we prepare a TOP-instructor just for you.

  • Price for 1,5 days: 1.499,- € incl. VIP- box
  • Price for 2 days: 1899,-€ incl. VIP-box
  • Price for 2,5 days: 2.299,- € incl. VIP- box
  • Price Spain for 1.5 days: 1.499,- € incl. VIP-box.
  • Price Spain for 3 days: 2799,- € incl. VIP-box.

All prices are excl. nominal fee of each event.

When and where the individual coaching take place?

On all Hafeneger-Renntrainings events!

If you can´t find a suitable appointment, we also offer our individual-coaching’s on events from other promoters. Share us your preferred date and we make you an individual offer.

Preise und Anmeldung

1,5 Tage: 1.499,- € inkl. Boxenplatz in VIP-Box

2 Tage: 1899,-€ inkl. Boxenplatz in VIP-Box

3 Tage: 2.799,- € inkl. Boxenplatz in VIP-Box


Alle Preise verstehen sich zzgl. Nenngebühr der jeweiligen Veranstaltung.


Anmeldung & Anfragen:
Die Planung eines VIP Trainings bedarf Vorlauf und kann nicht vor Ort an der Rennstrecke gebucht werden.
Bitte schreib uns eine E-Mail mit Deiner Anfrage an