Hockenheimring IDM-Variant

What you should know:

  • Noise Limit 98db!!!
  • Hockenheim is a traditional and famous racetrack. Long time ago the track had 2 specials, the infamous „east corner“ and long start and finish line through the forest. But now they build it new, especially for the Formula1.
  • The track its really save and easy to learn.
  • Pit box: including toilet, electricity, lockable and with enough space for around 13 Motorcycles.
  • In the middle of the track you can find a patrol station.
  • Also Hockenheim have a big paddock with enough space for camper.
  • You can find supermarket at the city Hockenheim.

Short & quick

  • Homepage: www.hockenheimring.de
  • length: ca. 4000m
  • width: 15m
  • direction: right
  • curves: 15
  • right curves: 10
  • left curves: 5
  • patrol station: ja