If you are interested to gett the experience of a race, the Hafeneger Fun Race is just the best for you. Don´t feel any pressure, just have some fun and get the feeling of a professional race. The races are counted in different classes (600ccm + 750ccm, 1000cc).


Dates for the fun race (without season standing)

Most15.-17. Juni 
Slovakiaring20.-22. JuliHafeneger-CUP
Brünn27.-29. Juli
Oschersleben 06.-07. AugustHafeneger-CUP
Sachsenring13.-14. August
Most24.-26. AugustHafeneger-CUP
Oschersleben14.-15. SeptemberHafeneger-CUP
Brünn21.-23. September



  • 3 Performance groups: 600,750 and 1000 ccm.
  • The class 1000ccm starts alone, the classes 600ccm + 750ccm start together.
  • The qualifying times are crucial for the starting grid. The race result is scored separately.
  • Race distance: 15 minutes + 1 Lap
  • Trophies for participants per class and race to place 10th.
  • Medals for participants per class and race from place 11th.
  • The choice of tires is free. Rain tires are allowed
  • The db limit of each track must be complied.
  • The race driver meeting is a duty
  • The price for the race amounts 30,-€.
  • No transponder fee
  • The fastest lap times are visible on our screen.
  • The result list expressions are free for all participants and available after the race on our website.
  • For participants who don´t reach the qualification time, we reserve the right to refuse to start. The race fee will be refunded



Entry fee per race: 30,- €

The appointment for the fun race is possible at the registration to the particular event on our website.



Performance Group

Klasse 600Klasse 750Klasse 1000
bis 500 ccm 2Taktbis 750 ccm 4-Takt 4-Zylinderüber 750 ccm 4-Takt 4-Zylinder
bis 636 ccm 4-Takt 4-Zylinderbis 900 ccm 4-Takt 3-Zylinderüber 900 ccm 4-Takt 3-Zylinder
bis 675 ccm 4-Takt 3-Zylinderbis 1000 ccm 4-Takt 2-Zylinderüber 1000 ccm 4-Takt 2-Zylinder
bis 750 ccm 4-Takt 2-Zylinder

kurz & knapp

  • ohne Jahreswertung
  • Pokale bis Platz 10
  • Renndistanz: 15 Minuten + 1 Runde

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