BEST OF THE REST (at the CUP events)

NEW 2015: The „Best of the Rest“ race takes place on our CUP events. Here we want to give all racing enthusiasts who are not registries in the CUP the opportunity, to start in a race after the 2 CUP races. The difference between the „Fun Race“ and the „Best of the Rest“ race is, that the “Best of the Rest“ races are counted in only 2 classes, further both classes start together.

Another renewal is that the 10 fastest of each class from the “Best of the Rest” race are allowed to make a guest start in the CUP race. The guest starters are counted in their own ranking and each class (up to/from 750 ccm) get trophies to place 5. Place 6 to place 10 becomes medals.


Dates for the „Best of the Rest“ Race (at the CUP Events, without season standing)

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  • One race in two performance groups: up to and from 750 ccm
  • The race results are counted separately The qualification times are crucial for the starting grid
  • The 10 fastest of each of the qualifying of each class starts as a guest starter in the CUP race (race 1: 600/750 ccm; race 2: 1000 ccm)
  • Trophies per class up to place 5
  • Medals for all come through the target
  • Race distance: 15 minutes + 1 lap
  • The tire choice is free, rain tires are allowed.
  • The db limit of each track must be complied.
  • The race driver meeting is a duty
  • For participants who don´t reach the qualification time, we reserve the right to refuse to start. The race fee will be refunded
  • Hafeneger-Renntraining reserves for your own safety, in case of crashes, heavy rain or other unpredictable influences, to cancel a race or not to start. The starting grid can be counted as a race result then.



Entry fee per race: 30,-€

To book the “Best of the Rest” Race is possible on our website.


Performance groups

Klasse bis 750 ccmKlasse ab 750 ccm
bis 750 ccm 4-Takt 4-Zylinderüber 750 ccm 4-Takt 4-Zylinder
bis 900 ccm 4-Takt 3-Zylinderüber 900 ccm 4-Takt 3-Zylinder
bis 1098 ccm 4-Takt 2-Zylinderüber 1050 ccm 4-Takt 2-Zylinder

short & quick

  • Best of the Rest Rennen only at the CUP events
  • without season standing
  • 2 classes, 1 race (upt to and from 750 ccm)
  • 10 best racer of the qualifying je class as gast starter at the CUP
  • Trophies per  class up to position 5, so 4 Champions
  • Medals for all racer
  • Race distance: 15 minutes + 1 lap

With a lot of fun…