Lucas Tulovic


  • Birthdate: 15.06.2000
  • City: Eberbach
  • Hobbys: Fußball, Schwimmen, Snowboard, Joggen
  • Education/School: 9. Klasse Gymnasium
  • Experience/Result: 2007: 7. Place German Champion Junior A
    2008: 5. Place European 4-stroke Junior A, 4. place German Champion Junior A
    2009: 10. Place European Junior A, German second Champion Junior B, Benelux second Champion Junior A
    2010: Second Place European Champion Junior A, German Champion Junior B, Benelux 3. Place Junior B
    2011: 3. Place ADAC Minibike Cup und European Honda NSF Cup (UEM)
    2012: 8. Place ADAC Minibike Cup und second European Honda NSF Cup (UEM)
    2013: 10. Place ADAC Junior Cup
    2014: 2. Place ADAC Junior Cup
  • Ambition: „Driving Moto GP“

Our newcomer in the jung talent promoting is going for 2 diferent classes. Now we have two drviver in ADAC Junior CUP.