Insurance for event cancelation

If you have an important reason (see below) that you can’t come to our event, we will recompense you it.

The price: 20,- € per event day

What is includet in the insurance?

  • Death, serious accident ore unexpected serious illness
  • Unexept incompatibility of immunization
  • Pregnancy
  • Damage of your property (not at teh motorcycle)
  • Lost your employment
  • Begin of a new employment
  • To repeat your failed exam at the university/school/college
  • Crash at the racetrack before 13:00 o’clock at the first day. With staying for one ore more days at the hospital. (The journey deemed to be not started.)

What you have to do?

You have to send us the cancellation immediately. Also you need the following documents:

  • All accounting dokuments
  • Original paper of payment
  • Medical certification incl. diagnosis and therapy date
  • Death, a copy of death certificate
  • Begin/lost of your employment and a certificate from your employer
  • To repeat an important exam. You need the certificate of your school/university/college.

Percentage Share:

In a unexepted serious illness your percentage share is 20% of the damage, but at least 25€. You don’t need it if you have to stay at the hospital for one or more nights.


You have to send us the cancellation immediately and before the journey starts. Also you have to send it to us via post, e-mail or fax at:

Fax: 0212 – 380 366 8 akzeptiert.


If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Mehr Infos

Stornierungen werden nur schriftlich per Post, als eMail auf oder als Fax auf die Nummer 0212 – 380 366 8 akzeptiert.

AGB: Rücktrittsversicherung