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Groupinstruction “for Beginners and Racer”

To ensure that all newcomers have the opportunity to be encouraged and challenged accordingly, we also offer our group instruction. Here no lap records are hunted, but everything you need for being a good Racer! Perfect-line, breaking, acceleration and hanging-off.

Brand new: Each instructor of us has a video camera on his bike to film his students. After the turn, the instructor analyse the video material in a separate pit box together with the group. Here our instructor show them the mistakes and explains improvements and solutions.

The groupinstruction riders take place in separate turns without other free-moving participants. Very important is the following debriefing with an intensive analysis of each rider.

Our groupinstruction takes always place on the first day of the event and include 3 turns. After this 3 turns you have the chance to implement what you learned in the free riding group.

It’s not always fun, to ride the whole day behind the instructor, sometimes everyone wants to ride alone. But if you need an individual instruction later on the day, you can book these at the racetrack office. The individual instructor films you from behind and is always concentrated watching your style and line.

Price for the instructor group: 45, – € per person and includes 3 turns on the 1st day of the event.

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Individual instruction for 1 turn

Those who still want to have an individual instructor, has the option to book it demand at the racetrack office.

The rider becomes more intense supervised by the instructor. He analysed his rider down to the smallest detail. After the turn they have a 20min long debriefing. Braking technique, cornering speed, gaze direction and hanging-off be discussed in detail. Focus of the training is to improve the feeling with the bike to become better.

Price per person: 35, – € per turn with video analysis. Video on a memory card (SD / HC) costs 10, – € extra.

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Gruppeninstruktor Preis:

40,- € für 3 Turns am 1. Tag mit Nachbesprechung und Videoanalyse (vorab online anmelden)

Einzelinstruktion Preis:

50,- € / Turn = 20 min. Training + ca. 20 min. Nachbesprechung mit Videoanalyse (erst vor Ort buchbar), 5,- € Videoaufzeichnung auf Speicherkarte (SD/HC) direkt zum Mitnehmen